Woman Reviews

A simple fragrance for the modern woman with a blend of jasmine, water lily and peony.

Key Benefits

  • Exude strength
  • A harmonious blend of botanicals

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2 comments to Woman Reviews

  • I was introduced to Herbalife in 1989 when I was 33. Before Herbalife I suffered severe menstrual disorder, diagnosed with endometriosis and was in constant pain. Mood swings where extreme. I took a chance on Herbalife as at that time as it hadn’t been on the market that long. The man who got me started was great – stuck with me to make sure I took the products properly and gave me encouragement when I was down. After a few days my energy improved, after a few weeks joint pain started to ease and I started to sleep through the night after years of insomnia. After 3 months, I cancelled the hysterectomy and have recently gone through menopause like a breeze. No more migraines, no more sinus infections, no more bronchitis. I’m 57 now and feel 30!

  • I am an herbalife distributor and I was introduced to the products in 2008. When it comes to scents and perfumes, I really hate strong smelling things and prefer natural scents like jasmine and peoney. This perfume is wonderful as it is light and not too strang like Heart. I would recommend this as a great gift for anyone who likes the same types of perfumes.

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