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Total Control is designed to help with hunger, reduced energy levels and impaired digestion. It helps boost weight loss and improves metabolism with a blend of green tea, yerba maté, cacao and 11 other powerful herbs. Total Control is an ephedra-free and citrus aurantium-free formula that includes thermogenic properties that work at the cellular level to help with weight loss.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate

Green tea, which originates in China, is believed to have many health benefits. Recently, it has been the focus of many scientific and medical studies to determine the extent of its health benefits. There is evidence to suggest that regular green tea drinkers have lower chances of heart disease and of developing certain types of cancer. Green tea is likely included in this weight loss product because it is thought to induce thermogenesis which stimulating fat oxidation.

Yerba Mate, one of the key ingredients of Herbalife Total Control, is a species of holly from South America. Studies of mate have shown evidence that the mate xanthine cocktail is different from other plants containing caffeine. Most significantly Yerba Mate caffeine effects muscle tissue, as opposed to most caffeines which effect the central nervous system. Yerba Mate has been shown to have a relaxing effect on smooth muscle tissue, and a stimulating effect on myocardial (heart) tissue.

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  • Total control, in my opinion, is one of the best products Herbalife offers, it raises you metabolism and controls your appetite. It is a supplement, not a drug, so you do not need to worry about drug interactions. AND IT WORKS GREAT!!! (also, does not make you feel jittery)

  • Personally, I can’t go a day without it. I am in the “maintain” stage of my Herbalife life and I ran out and had to weight a couple of days for a delivery, I could tell the difference. As a stay at home dad…I need all the energy I can get!! Great product

  • kathy

    I like the orginal Total Control. This new formula doesn’t work at all. I gainted 10 pounds on this formula. I wish they would stop changing the formulas so many times.

  • Courtney

    The total control does not work. The best product Herbalife had was taken away the green and beige pills. I lost twenty pounds in college from Herbalife and had not had success since they took away the green and beige the products are not the same. Any suggestions for someone that is familar with the green and beige pills that has had success with another supplement?

  • karen

    Kathy. I wish they would stop changing their products too. Green and beige are the best product they ever made. The new total control is awful. I gained weight from it too.

  • Amber Walker

    I lost a lot of weight on the green and beige pills and would like to get that formula. It was an awesome formula fore weight loss.

  • Amy

    Personally, I can’t go a day without it. I am in the “maintain” stage of my Herbalife life and I ran out and had to weight a couple of days for a delivery, I could tell the difference. As a stay at home dad…I need all the energy I can get!! Great product

  • Cheri

    I miss the green and beige pills. I didnt gain on this but maintained my weight and it was very frustrating. They need to bring back the green and beige pills I lost 30lbs on those in college and because I changed my diet as well I kept off the weight. Im now trying to lose my pregnancy weight and am having a hard time doing so!!

  • I am a distributor, and have to say that I wish they would not have changed the Total Control, I lost 35 lbs, but seem to have plateaued with the new Total Control.

  • nicole campbell

    i lost 23 lbs in 3 weeks on the green and beige and now am going to try the new total control hope it works

  • Jenny

    Will you ever bring back the green & beige? There is nothing that works like they did!

  • Sally keninille

    happy I read these reviews before purchasing this product — decided not to

  • Danielle

    Dear Herbalife, Please bring back the green & beige pills. Your customers want it. Thanks.

  • sharyl Burke

    I wish they would bring back the green and beige products they worked wonderful, and big results…

  • Tamara

    What change was made between the old Total Control vs. the new Total Control?

  • Joan

    I used the original green and beige many long years ago and lost a boatload of weight as well. I have tried the new Total Control and didn’t have the quick results that the old tabs gave, but I still had good results. Unfortunately, I believe the old green and beige tabs were a part of the “Ephedra” phenomenon in the early 90’s. They worked but were NOT safe over the long term. The FDA banned the use of all ephedra based diet tabs. Yes, they worked great but at a great cost: your heart health. If you use the new formula, you will still feel great. You may not loose the weight so rapidly, but you be healthy and feel great if you follow the plan.

  • Chris

    The green and beige pills (Thermogenics) will never come back. They were a DANGEROUS product that had very deadly results from a herb known as Ma Huang (Ephedra). It hung around for many years, even hit the mass market (Vitamin World, GNC), but inevitably, the FDA shut that type down. It was just too hazardous (reports of liver failure and drastic weight loss which caused illness and death). Its a shame, but Herbalife took the loss and decided to redefine itself as “Cellular” nutrition experts. The results are definitely slower, but way safer. And for losing 15 lbs in 15 days (and no, im not a chunky person, rather average!), its effective enough!

  • denise

    I have just began using Herbalife products on May 1, 2011, and I have to say they are awesome. I have lost 13lbs in 6 days and I have no side effects, sickness, jitters or anything like that. I will be a distributor and tell everyone about these products, because for someone who has looked everywhere and tried every diet known to man, I finally have hope. That is something I want to share with everyone, because it feels wonderful.

  • Abdamara

    I previously used the green and beige pills and had great results, I was able to loose 31 lbs in 45 days, and now I just order the 90 tablets total control pills and based on Denise’s and Chris’s comments above, I hope I get the good results as well.

  • bpjuliet

    I’m looking at starting the Herbalife program. I am 145 lbs and want to lose 20. I am a college student though, and can’t spend a ton of money. I’m looking at getting the Formula 1 for sure. What else would be the best to buy for weight loss and overall health? I am fairly active, do martial arts and run, so protein is a must. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tatteeana

    I used the green and beige pills way back when Herbalife offer them. I will say they work beautifully. I lost so much weight and felt great….for the first 2 months that is. On my third month on them…I became very sick. I was not aware of the Ephreda in the pills or the dangers of it. While it is awesome to loose the weight, I honestly don’t think future permanent health risks are worth the use. Personal opinion of course. I am purchasing “Total control” I hope this helps me.

  • Felicia

    Just got my first bottle of 90day Total Control on Monday. Today is Friday, Must say I feel the difference in alertness and appetite. Just hoping to SEE results like everybdy else did with the “green n beige” pill that I have no idea what it is. We shaaall see.

  • TED

    I have just now started to take HERBALIFE products. I retired from military two years ago and currently work for a company that keeps me on the road alot. I have found myself eating at C-stores and fastfood joints constantly, which has put a good 40-50 pounds on me.
    When I was in the military I lifted regularly and had tried all kinds of stuff from Hard-core to Rippedfuel. Some of those had the Ephedra base in them. So anyway I will let you know how I fair with my 2-shakes, protien bars and in-between drinks, along with Total Control regime. I will take any advice on a good mix up of products.

  • kim Mitchell

    I just bought advanced herbal life package will start on Tuesday after labor day

    want to lose 80 to100 wish me luck Kim Mitchell

  • Rolanda Miller

    Hi Kim:

    I just started today and need to lose 100 pounds. Keep me posted on your progress.


  • Jimena

    I am going to start on the herbalife next week. I need to lose 50 lbs! I pray it works.

  • Aracely

    I am going to start drinking Herbalife Products next week as well! I weigh 163 lbs. and plan on losing about 15-20 lbs. before Halloween! Herbalife really works if you don’t cheat, my mom lost 55 lbs in 7 months!

  • Stephanie

    I will be starting Herbalife Formula 1 on Monday. I need to loose 15-20 lbs by December 4th. I got on here to read reviews about the Total control. I have mixed feelings about it. So please post your thoughts once you start it. Thanks

  • emerita faro

    I just begin with the herbalife, I have one question, can I take the shake in the morning and at 12.oo a.m. and eat my food at 5 or 6 pm.

  • Marleni

    Hi everyone I wanted to say that I started on June 20, 2011. So far I lost 26 lbs till now.I use to weigh172 lbs .I drink two shakes one of them with prolessa duo along with tea to increase my metabolism and eat most of the time healthy or eat less of what ever I cook for the family or when going out to eat. I think I could loose more if I wouldn’t cheat once a week eating chocolate cake @ magnolia bakery and also I will try total control instead of prolessa . Also drink lots of water.Good luck!

  • Marleni

    Hi Emerita yes you can take it as you are asking I saw on the product booklet.

  • Regina

    I used the green & beige products for 6 months and lost 80 lbs. I got off off them and gained 40 im getting back on the new total control.wish me luck.

  • Winnie

    I dunno, it seems nice that there’s something here to boost metabolism, but I read the label and it says to take total control 3 times daily. Each pill contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. I don’t want to have to be reliant on taking so much caffeine each day, so I guess I’d rather slowly lose weight in a safer way. What do you guys think?

  • Wendy

    I’m a herbalife independent distributer and you guys need to get informed with the right ones because their is not only total control that will help you lose weight, their is prolessa duo and you need your shakes guys not only on the tablets you will lose weight the right way!! Here is my email if you guys need help weniki33@ our snt questions

  • Eddie

    I am a distributor who has been on the program for 3 months. I have had great success. I hav lost 31lbs and off 3 of my 4 medications. It works, bu Total Control alone is not going to do it. Anyone interested in learning more, email me at

  • Jan

    I had used herbalife in the pass and it worked. I have ordered the herbalife again, I am 170 lbs and I am looking foward to losing about 25 to 30 lbs. I am hoping this product will work for me agin.

  • April

    This product is terrible! I tried it to lose a couple extra pounds and ended up gaining nearly 10!!! My metabolism has never been the same and I’ve never gotten the weight off after 3 years of exercise, training and healthy eating. I am in the process of cleansing my adrenals and thyroid hoping this will finally undo the damage done by their rip-off products. Not to mention all they care about is getting hundreds of dollars from people to “distribute” their awful products, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PYRAMID SCHEME!!!!!!! And don’t let this crap damage your body. Get real herbs from a trusted source, not this fake stuff

  • Lisa Nichols

    I bought the “Ultimate” package & started it 2/8, I weighed 180 when I started and am only gonna weigh once a wk…. I haven’t weighed yet though because of water retention compliments of mother nature…I have noticed a decrease in my appetite and cravings..My appetite was out of control as i am only 5′2…I am aiming for 140.. I haven’t started doing any exercise yet though, but do drink plenty of water and the Herbal Tea that comes with that pkg.. I do eat my fruits and veggies daily and I have been doing the Lean Cuisines or WW Smart Ones and those fill me up..And I’m not even craving my hubbies supper as he can eat anything he wants, anytime….without repercussions….

  • New to distributor, I’m over 270 and it was recommended to go with two shakes a day, also doing total control and Herbal tea. Finally. I added the good snacks (protein) as the shakes alone was too much of a jump for me. Message here is I’m dropping weight every week but it is a total package not just one item . I am impressed with how I can be filled eating so little. Of course I was just eating wrong, lots of fast food…

    Besides the protein shakes and snacks, total control , I tried the supplement that gives you fruit and vegetable benefits. Its worthwhile after 3 weeks, going to get it again. I’ll admit I spent a good size credit card purchase but this works and I plan to be a good testimonial for these products long term and recommend it to others. The price I paid for this good nutrition and benefits was actually a lot less than the fast food drive throughs and expensive coffee shops. The price of food is getting awful high these days, Herbalife products are a good value

    You just cant take a pill, but you need to be ready to change . Because I am seeing the results in me and some others that follow tha program, I plan on growing my own distributorship for these products and even recommending others do the same, take the business op.

  • yesi


  • Heather

    I love the Total Control – and recommend it! I get such great results with energy and appetite control. I have lost over 36 pounds! :) As far as taking it and it keeping people up – they must have taken it too late – it contains caffeine. It won’t make you gain weight….if someone took it and gained – they were probably not doing something correctly. Plus for a certain individual – why would you bother taking more even if you paid for it – if you claim to have gained? That doesn’t sound right.

  • LoreBdeA

    Ok @230lbs 5′7″ I am obese and looking at preDiabetes high cholesterol and who knows what else! I am going to stick with Herbalife because I tried it about 6mths ago and lost a lot of weight but then came the holidays and downhill from there:-( so again I am starting on the Shakes (2) total control,aloe concentrate,tea,multivitamin,cel-u-loss,cellActivator. First day 5-14-12 morning start with Aloe then tea and wow It’s like I was plugged had a bowel movement and felt great! I was hungry in the evening because its my first day so I ate a can of tuna with lemon juice and then water and i felt fine I slept like a baby at 11:30 pm from 6am thats a great day lets see far so good had my morning shake w everything else (pills) and had a bowel mvmnt and woe I feel so much better I will keep ya’ll posted

  • LB

    I just started total control (have taken only two pills) & so far nothing has really happened as far as gaining more energy. I still feel the same as I did before I had taken it. Although I have noticed my appetite has gone down. I do not expect to lose any weight after just two pills, but I am hoping so. I am usually 120lbs, but after having my third child and quiting smoking I am having trouble losing the weight and need to lose about 35lbs to reach my goal weight! Wish me Luck! When my bottle is empty i’ll be back for another review, hope it’s a good one :)

  • Don

    I have lost 48lbs in 2 months on the 321 and use the aminogen,thermobond and all I can say Herbalife for life…I on a mission to beat obesity and get rid of type 2 diabetes…will be a distributor so glad its working.

  • elizabeth

    hello,i want to loose but i don t now ,,now after reading so many diferents stories ,,,,,how about if you gain the doble you loose?? i am cofuse!!

  • evelyb

    I’m 55 yrs old and have cholesterol and high blood pressure. What do you think Is best for me? I need to loose at least 15 pounds.

  • Hello Elizabeth. No worries Herbalife stands behind their products 100%. You may want to start with the Formula 1 shakes and follow the plan. You will lose weight. Any questions feel free to contact me at

  • I hate herbalife the shakes are gross and the total control gave me really bad headaches and made me feel really jittery. I gained about 10 pounds on it. Waste of your money and time. If you want to lose weight work out and eat healthy and do a lot of juicing and get supplements from your local health food store not from some company that will overcharge you for poor quality products.

  • jacqueline

    i hate hate hate the total control, shake and everything that herbalife is offering now. I want back my GREEN AND BEIGE pills. please please give me back my green a beige. make it available by prescription.

  • AM

    I have been taking Total Control and wondered if you can take things like Vitamin B and other vitamins and/or suppliments along with it. I also have stated taking Valerian Root at night.

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