ShapeWorks QuickStart Reviews

ShapeWorks QuickStart is a a ‘kit’ of Hebalife products designed to support healthy weight-management. The kit includes Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (550g), Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, Cell Activator, and Herbal Concentrate (50g).
The shakes act as meal replacements, the multivitamin and cell activators boost your intake of nutrients, and the herbal concentrate helps to increase energy. The shake mix comes in a bunch of flavors that you can choose from.

Did it help you lose weight? How long were you able to keep the pounds off? Was the program easy to keep up? What about the taste?

Share your reviews!

58 comments to ShapeWorks QuickStart Reviews

  • Gregory

    If you like shakes and smoothies this may turn out to be a good diet for you. The Herbalife diet reviews well for convenience. If you tend to skip breakfast and other meals, mixing up and drinking a shake is pretty easy to remember. If you prefer to chew real food, then you may struggle to stick with it.

    It’s not the cheapest way to lose weight, although given the nutrient-dense nature of the products it would seem to offer pretty good value for money.

    Views on meal replacement programs are normally pretty polarized. Some people dismiss them as fads, others swear by them.

    They’re a good choice for people who want a simple, hassle free diet that requires little thought, preparation or cooking.

    This is one of the better shake-based weight loss programs on the market and seems pretty nutritionally sound. If you like the shakes, you may lose weight with this diet!

  • The “Quickstart Program” is just one Herbalife program consisting of the Formula 1, Formula 2, Cell Activator and the Herbal Concentrate, all working together for optimum results.

    Anyone obtaining these products can only get them from an authorized Herbalife Distributor whose responsibility is to help the customer understand how to get the best results in order to achieve the desired goals.

    It is simply a matter of taking the products according to a plan that the Herbalife Distributor can personalize for and action being taken by the customer. Following-up by the Distributor is very important to ensure positive progress, much like how a regular doctor follows-up to see how his prescribed medication is affecting a patient.

    The products cannot be stated as a “cure-all” but definitely one that is all about health and nutrition.

  • I swear by these products. I have been using them everyday for over a year for my general nutrition and maintaining my weight. The best thing was I introduced them to my mother and she went on to lose 20kg in 20 weeks. I was amazed! Both of us have not been to a doctor since and have had a significant shift in energy levels. People comment on how healthy we look all the time!

    I work long hours and i just love the convenience. It is food, just in another form. I highly recommend you get in touch with a distributor and try it!

  • Emily

    I have been using some of the Herbalife products since about March of 2009. In 5 months I have lost about 25lbs and nearly 20 inches total.
    I don’t do it completely as recommended, because I am horrible at taking pills in general. But I have a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch. I use the PDM instead of milk or soy. I drink the tea instead of the coffee and soda I used to get my caffine from.
    People have commented on how much more energy I have and they can see that I am losing inches.
    Some say its expensive. But in reality, at least for me, over the course of a month, I end up spending less buying Herbalife products than I spent on groceries to replace those meals.
    It can be tough. But one of Herbalife’s greatest qualities is that it’s very forgiving. I have noticed that if I have a bad day (giving into a fast food craving for instance and overdoing it) then I can jump right back into the program and I wont have gained any weight or inches.
    Please don’t think that you can start this program and not exercise. You still have to put in the sweat time to become a healthier person.
    I love these products and I will continue to use them because they are working for me.

  • Sara Johnson

    Before Herbalife I was 252 lbs. I had no energy and I suffered from constant headaches. I was wearing a tight size 20. I started on the products at the end of May 2009 and I noticed a difference within the first week. In that first week I lost 5 lbs and 2 inches each off my waist and hips. As of today, I’ve lost 56 lbs and about 8 inches each from my waist and hips (down to 196 lbs and into a loose size 13). I have energy again and my headaches have disappeared completely.

    Products I use:
    Formula 1 (Healthy Meal)
    Formula 2 (Multivitamin)
    Cell Activator
    Protein Drink Mix
    Personal Protein Powder
    Active Fiber Complex
    Mango Aloe
    Original Herbal Concentrate Tea
    Herbalife Protein Snacks (Soy Nuts, Drink Mix, Bars)

  • angie membreno

    i start using this product because my aunt had lost 50 lbs using herbalife i have noticed that i have gain lot of weight after i had my tow kids it really stressfull for me since i alwasy have benn 140lbs now i weight 170lbs. so started using herbalife about 10 days a go and i have already lost 5lbs in the first 7 day i can’t just wait to loose more i love it..

  • I don’t currently use any Herbalife products, but I am very aware of nutrition and diet trends. Herbalife has been ahead of its time for a while now. As long as people are educated in diet and nutrition, they will begin to see results of all kinds.

    Even though I haven’t tried Herbalife products, I can endorse that what Herbalife is selling is a healthy lifestyle and you can’t ever go wrong with that.

  • Lisa blake

    I went on this back in 2008 and my honest opion is it’s horrid, the shakes taste horrible, and smell nasty too, I did however lose 2st 7lb in 6 weeks but as soon as I stopped the weight just came back on. I suffered from really bad head aches and felt horrible. I wouldn’t reccomend this to anyone but good luck if your going to try xx

  • Ursie

    In reply to Lisa Blake’s comments. The shakes aren’t bad smelling and nor do they taste horrid. I mix mine up with mixed fruit. Vanilla flavour mixed with diced apple and a teaspoon of cinnamon is my favourite. I sometime even mix up my shake with fruit juice. It all depends on what you like and how prepared you are to experiment. Of course you’ll put the weight back on if you don’t alter eating habits etc, and just fall back in your old habits. Being healthy is a life choice and it takes hard work daily not just ‘now and again’ when the bug bites you. As for the headaches – did you drink the recommended daily water intake of 1 litre of water for every 30 kilograms that you weigh? – Water is essential for any weight loss programme as it flushes out the toxins in the system. So if you take the vitamins, the booster tablets etc. (all designed to flush out the nasty toxins, it would make sense to drink the water as water (not coffee, tea, fizzy drink etc) is the aid to carry toxins out of the body. Herbalife works, expecting miracles and overnight success within a few weeks after a lifetime of self indulgence, is no good. I’ve lost 5.5 kg in my first week and between 1.5 and 2 kg’s per week thereafter. Some weeks I don’t lose anything at all but I don’t gain anything as well – this is just down to myself – having the occassional naughty or two, and yes sometimes I fall of the wagon completely and down right stuff my face. More honest than that I can’t be – Herbalife works if you work it!

  • Shannon P

    I have to agree completely with Lisa Blake’s comments. The shakes taste horrible unless you mix them with stuff. I mixed my vanilla shake with sugar free instant pudding and fruit. As soon as I stopped I gained all the weight back plus some and I had stayed on the same diet regimen I was on prior to starting Herbalife and had lost 60lbs on my own in about a yr! Not a horrible product but not great either!

  • Optimum Nutrition is the best bang for your book, and also unbelievably delicious for a protein powder! honestly they’re so good, I like to have them even during non post workout days. double chocolate with milk and banana….mmmmm.. Try to visit if anybody want more info.

  • Why whey protein is considered one of the best protein foods for humans. The nutritional characteristics of whey protein are outstanding, but you need to be selective when choosing a whey powder.Try to visit if anybody want more info.

  • lmartin

    I started herbalife on fri march 12th 2010. So far ive lost 3lbs I wanna take off alot of weight before a trip I have planned in aug 2010. Does anyone have any tips as far as snacking is concerned? I work Mon-Thurs and while at work I dont have a problem snacking but Fri-Sun I snack like crazy!!! Although I am eating 100 calories snacks I am eating a few too many please help!!!

  • Helena W.

    I personally do not believe in taking shakes for weight loss purposes. It just helps u 2 control your calorie intake. U r depriving yourself of “real” solid food and this will create cravings.

  • Kate

    I just started using Herbalife about 4 days ago. I used to need at least 3 cups of coffee a day in order to get through the day without being super tired. Now, I don’t need any. I feel completely energized, and I’ve lost 3lbs and 2in. The shakes can be really good if you take the time to experiment or look at the recipes they offer. I really like the vanilla powder with chocolate soy milk or apple juice.

    As far as snacking goes, the protein bars are actually pretty good and keep you from still feeling hungry. I find that drinking lots of water, which, for some reason I’ve been craving the past few days, and I normally don’t drink any at all during the day, keeps me from snacking too much. I also got some dried fruit and almonds to use for snacking during the day. You should eat something small every 3 or so hours, so snacking is a good thing, just don’t overdo it.

    Good luck!

  • Lijia

    The shakes are great! And there are endless things you can mix them with to get all sorts of different flavours. If I want a little extra protien, I throw a tbs or 2 of natural peanut butter in there. If I want something really chocolately, a tbs of 0 cal 0 sugar chocolate pudding mix! I like the lemon pudding mix with vanilla too :) Adding frozen fruit is always yummy–seriously–the possibilities are endless.

    I had body scans done before i started and after my first 5 weeks. In that time–with low-moderate exercise–I lost 20 pounds of FAT and gained 10 pounds of lean muscle mass! Now, after about 10 weeks, I have lost a total of about 26 pounds and 11 inches. I love this program–it is convenient and I don’t get cravings for meals as I thought I would. The high protein content takes care of that. I DO feel like I have a ton of energy which is key for me because I am a full time student and work 3rd shift full time as well–so I’m always on the go! I When I do snack, it’s something healthy, natural, and usually high in protein, low in calories (black bean salad, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, etc).

    I also use to help keep track of my nutrition and weight loss. I am NOT perfect with this program—I definitely have my off days. But overall, I’ve stuck with it and the changes are noticeable. I am even thinking about becoming a distributor now so I can spread the word about how great a product it is! :)

  • Manda-P

    I started Herbalife back in February of 2010 and ive lost 35lbs and feel better than i ever have in my entire life. I got hooked on it after my co-worker lost 45lbs in 3 months. She started in November 2009 and has gone from 220+ to a fantastic 155! She became a distributor about a 1 1/2 months after she started and signed me up as a distributor just after 2 weeks of me being on it. After using this product for almost 4 months now, i have changed my lifestyle and feel great about it! Me and my husbands relationship has gotten much better thanks to HL as well. After we got married in 2008, i put on 30lbs in just 1 year! We started drifting apart as i didnt even feel comfortable enough to go out in public with him, i didnt even want to be around our friends anymore because of what had become of me. We stopped having intimate moments and just sat home and did nothing. This was all within our first year and a 1/2 of marriage, which is the most crutial time for newlyweds. Now that i started HL I dont feel so self consious in front of him anymore and i feel much more confident. We do many more bonding activities now that keep us close and connected with one another and keep us healthy and in shape. I believe that if HL had not some how made its way into my life, our marriage was headed to the big D!! We are now closer than ever and after HL made such a huge impact on my life, i have helped many of my friends and family find the joy and worthiness of being on this product. I am always surrounded by happy, healthy people and it makes me feel good that i showed them the ways to a healthier life style through the HL product!
    Anyone thinking of trying this should definitely go for it. Its made me and everyone i know on it much happier and feel so much better about life!! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone i know or anyone looking for a weight loss solution that works or even just looking for a way to stay healthy!!

  • Does anyone have a complete list of protein foods ?’`’

  • sylvia rivera

    I have been on Herbalife since 03/29/10 since then I have lost 30 pounds I’m a manager with a very stressful lifestyle so when I started losing the weight it felt great I have so much energy now customers,family&friends notice the difference in my attitude on my face and body so this product does work. alot of people tell me negative things about gaining the weight back when I stop using it. I believe you gain the weight back because they go back to their bad eating habits.

  • Joy

    Hello all! I was searching for a way to lose weight at over 300lbs it was time for me to do something. I joined a gym started working out and was looking to eat healthier. Several times throughout a week I saw flyers for the same weight loss challenge and decided to call the number. I had heard of herbalife but never tried the products (probably the only thing I hadn’t tried) After my first shake I was hooked. If you are thinking that this is pricey just break it down. Each canister of shake has 30 servings so for a little more than a dollar a meal you can succeed with this progam. I am saving so much money over the $5-7 dollar meals at even the cheapest fast food places and losing weight. Crazy huh? I am learning so much about general nutrition and whole foods. I never learned these things just counting points. I am trying new foods and finding out that I LIKE them. Still working hard and continuing to be motivated. This is a very good program for someone who is single and busy.

  • Rosa

    I just started herbalife today and after everything ive read there is more possive than negative about this product, yes it is a little pricy but id rather be happy with myself than have this extra money. I just had a baby 8 months ago and the weight was coming off pretty good, i was down a little over 50lbs when i fell off the train and stopped paying attention to my weight, plus no exercise. Gained 10lbs on and now ima do my best to lose the rest, still have 20lbs to lose to get the baby weight off then hopefully i can lose an extra 10lbs on top of that. my first shake was great but now i wonder what can i add to them for extra flaver? What snacks do you recommend?

    Wish me luck!!! ill update in a few weeks.

  • Staceyann

    I am thinking of using Herbalife but I am afraid that I will regain the weight. I am not satisfied with the way that I look currently as I weigh 230lbs. I try to encourage my kids to exercise but since I had a knee surgery I am afraid to exercise the way I use to. I would like to get a jump start and lose 30lbs and then try to use self control and exercise to lose the rest. I have a closet full of clothes that do not fit, I plan to use the money I would use to buy new clothes to dothis diet and hope that it works for me as well as it has worked for others. Wish me luck and give me some feedback!!!!

  • Joyce

    Hi everyone, I started the weight loss program back in Feb of 2010 with only about 15 to lose. Those are the hardest ones to lose. I lost 11 in the first 2 months just doing the shakes and bars. People really noticed and asked what I was doing. I became a distributor to save money because I knew I was going to keep taking the products. Since then, I have made it a business and am now a supervisor. I strongly believe in these products. I need to eat food, so just drinking the shakes with nothing else was hard, so putting them in the blender with ice is amazing. You can add puddings, jello powder, and my favorite is just the cookies and cream shake with about a tsp of peanut butter. When I have them in the blender, it keeps me fuller longer. Sometimes just one or 2 pieces of low calorie wheat toast is good with a shake. You need lots of protein when you are losing so you lose the fat and not the muscle. That is very important, especially if you are older. The deluxe bars are awesome for an afternoon snack as well as the peach mango drink mix. I tell ppl I lost weight by drinking milk shakes and eating candy bars. I haven’t been this size for at least 20 years and it feels wonderful. Maintaining is easy because I love drinking the shakes. My husband has lost weight because he just loves drinking them too. It never has to get boring because you just try something different for a shake. There are lots of recipes online too. If anyone needs any help, or has any questions, feel free to email me. I would love to help you. I have since lost an additional 3 pounds for a total of 14. Love, love, love the products.

  • wayne runyan

    I am a 62 year old who keeps adding weight every year. I decided to give Herbalife a try. The first week lost 5 lbs and was very pleased. I like the chocolate shake mix best, but the vanilla is good also. I can have the shake for breakfast and lunch and it actually fills me up. I have tried the carrots and lettuce stuff just feel starved and deprived. I am looking forward to loosing more and feeling better. for me its just too easy!

  • I’m really concerned about a post that said that herbalife contained
    ephedra based products. This can be lethal. Does anyone have any info?

  • Chanin

    They don’t contain ephedra anymore ! That was banned in 2006 I think. I used to take Herbalife in 2002 when my sis-in-law sold it, and I was amazed at how quickly I was losing weight, but that’s back when ephedra WAS legal and I think that’s what helped me ! They changed their formula and I haven’t had any luck with it. Thermogold was the name of the pill that USED to have the ephedra in it. I WISH they would come back with it !!! I lost 25 lbs in 2 months with it !

  • Tonyea

    My mom and I started using Herbalife in March 2010, and I must say I am very happy with the result. Like I said I started in March I lost 10lbs the first week. In April I took a girls weekend to New York and didn’t take any of the Herbalife products with me, and if you have ever been to New York you know you are going to EAT! I was very worried when I came back home after losing 20lbs I thought I had put it all back on and to my surprise I didn’t. YIPPIEE! I did however stop taking for awhile cause I had to have gallbladder surgery and couldn’t have any dairy products. But I am back on strong and I have lost a total of 62lbs.

  • Michelle

    way to go Tonyea!!!! keep up the good work …

    I love herbalife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leticia

    I am so looking forward to trying this! I lived in an apartment complex and one of the ladies in who had just had a baby was loosing weight. About 2 months went by until I saw her again because she went to work elsewhere and I did not even recognize her because she was so thin and looked great! She was the one that had to say “hey remember me” lol I had to ask her how she lost all that weight and she told me that it was Herbalife! I am going to begin this next week and will be posting my results. I want to loose 20 pounds for a reunion in the summer! Wish me luck!

  • TJ

    Today is the 1st day using the Herbalife Quickstart Program. I currently weigh 172 and am 5′3. My goal is to lose 4 inches total (2 from waist and 2 from hips). I would like to be able to do this within 30days. My husband has signed up to become a distributor and we are truly excited about starting our business with me being our 1st Spokesperson!

  • Chris

    The formula 1 shake, I admit, is a challenge to consume some days. No-one said you have to just have the shake and the pills, in fact ON THE CONTAINER it even says: “For a complete meal, add 1 oz fresh fruit and enjoy!”. Snacks are expected, please do not hesitate. And this is a lifestyle change. Expect to lose your weight, pay attention to what you eat (the book Good Housekeeping Drop 5 lbs will help a lot!), and keep taking the 1-2-3 Shapeworks for the rest of your life. Less sick days? More energy at 2 pm, 4 pm? Sleeping better? I’ll be taking the pills and morning shake for the Rest Of My Life.

  • Jan

    Just started yesterday. Have bad headache but figured it is from all the water as well as eating only one meal since yesterday. What are some of the “snacks” you can eat.
    I thought I understood you could eat snacks like an apple and maybe a little peanut butter and the wheatthin crakcers.
    Any help or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

  • Orchis

    I’m on Herbalife QuickStart program for losing 20 lbs (I’m currently weigh 128 lbs and am 5′ ft), and I did not take Herbalife Concentrate tea because I’m allergic to caffeine. I have been taking Herbalife for 3 days but did not see any weight loss. Is it because I did not take Herbalife Concentrate tea? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Beata

    Hi everyone just want to let you know that I have been on Herbalife for about 2 months and I love this product. I see my distributor every week for a fallow up on my measurments. Till this day I lost 12lb with no excersize just making sure I took my pills (multivitamin, cell activator, cell u loss) and drank my shakes where I added protein powder to them. I make sure I dont eat fatty foods or fast food. I do eat mostly what I want and snack on healhy foods, not always. Drink lots of water and the Herbalife tea. It works for me and the shake that I have is Caffe Latte with a scoop of Vanilla Protein Shake soooo… good. Tastes like cappucino. This works for me and I will keep on taking this Product. Girls just want to tell you that the cell u loss is perfect if you want to diminish those cellulites:)The first week was hard because you have to get use to everything and trust me I was hungry. If I am hungry I eat, its not like I dont. Sometimes even 2 dinners but small portions. Oh and also I made sure I didnt eat past 8pm. Its a little pricey but worth every penny. I recommened for everyone who wants to loose weight.

  • Revathy

    hi can anyone suggest me whether herbalife products really work in weight lose……..

  • Nicole

    I used Herbalife about 15 years ago and it worked well. I just went back on it and have already lost 2lbs, and 0.6% body fat, after the first day. I am using the kit (powder, and all the pills). I had Special K for breakfast, fruit for a snack, shake for lunch with a small salad, fruit for afternoon snack, and a shake with a yogurt for dinner. I have had a little headache, but I’m prone to migraines anyway, and a couple of OTC migraine pills have fixed it. I haven’t tried the tea yet – I’m really not a big tea or coffee drinker anyway, and I’m not feeling the need for it yet. I have about 80lbs to lose, and am really looking forward to improving my health. I am hoping these products will help me do that!

  • vtu

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  • Tiffany

    My friend has been using herbalife for 9months now and lose 100pounds!!! Now I think im gonna start!!

  • Josh

    I am glad I’ve started today is my first day ;). I do need moral support ;) I’d think it be a good idea for All of us I am on face book please feel free to email me let’s stick together I am checking in at 292lbs and hope to loose 100lbs

  • Sarah

    I started on the 19th of Oct. Sadly, wasn’t able to weigh myself before I started, though, I have an idea. 270-280 lbs. I just want to know, once the quickstart kit is complete, do you purchase another one? Or do you just continue using the shake (after purchasing more)???? What do you need to maintain the results?

    Other than that, yes the shake isn’t all that bad, but it’s not great. I blend a 1/2 of a banana and non-fat vanilla yogurt and 0% fat milk (8 oz), I have French Vanilla as the shake powder. I’m hardly ever hungry. I know in my mind if I want to lose weight, I should follow the program. I’m originally a big water drinker, but the required is beyond was normal intake, that’s the only thing…

  • apart fashion

    I simply couldn’t go away your site prior to suggesting that I actually enjoyed the usual info a person supply to your guests? Is gonna be back continuously in order to inspect new posts

  • jess farley

    I am back on in 2 weeks I have lost 75 pounds and 64 inches in 3 months by doing 123 and total control and celluloss lots of water and exercise. If u want a nice body it takes patience hard work and being serious about a healthy lifestyle I just had 2 babies in 2 years (they are both one) right now. Last time I started I weighed 240. I’m 263 now so I’m getting ready to venture back on 123 and the blast off ill start the celuloss next month it is great to help get rid of that nasty cellulite . Along with water and weights I looked amazing no cellulite I could wear a tank top no bra and pull that off. Tightened my chest. Cardio the firm workouts and lift. I’m excited to get my body back again.

  • jess farley

    Btw. I’m 36 with 4 kids and a lot to lose but I know for a fact the products work! Best results if you work too :) good luck

  • chuck

    Does anyone know if the use of Herbalife and alcohol have any problems? I like to have a glass of wine here and there…

  • chuck

    Is it ok to have a glass of wine or two with herbalife?

  • Jiwon

    I am 15 year old and i’m considering to do herbalife quickstart program.. I am 5′2″ and I weigh 122-123 pounds…… this is really bad.. my goal weight is 105 lbs I just need to lose about 20lbs,,, is this possible to do in one month of quickstart program? cuz i have limited amount of money and one month is all i can afford right now… at least lose 16-17lbs… IS THIS POSSIBLE????? plz give replys!!!!!!

  • Lara

    My boyfriend used this product back in 2010 from mid Sept. to sometime in November of 2010 and he lost 50 pounds. The product works but if your specialty is not maintaining then you should start working on it. :)

    I, myself started the product yesterday. I plan to lose a lot of weight. My issue is that I’m good at maintaining but take really long to lose so hopefully this helps.

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