ShapeWorks Advanced Reviews

Get all the products in our QuickStart Program and additional enhancers to help you with specific weight-management challenges.

Key Benefits

  • The ShapeWorks® QuickStart program with added enhancers
  • Includes Total Control® for metabolism
  • Includes Cell-U-Loss® for appearance of dimpled skin and fluid retention

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    Herbalife Shapeworks Products that I use & recommend
    by: herbmajesty( 2500)

    I want to let others know about some of what my family uses personally. I receive questions about these products all the time. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

    Shapeworks F1 Shake-I use this product as a meal replacement and a great source of protein. I do use F3 Personalize Protein Powder to thicken the shakes which help me to stay fuller. I don’t get bored with the flavors because I do mix them. My favorite is Dutch Chocolate with a little banana added. Dutch Chocolate & Wild berry can be mixed together. Also French Vanilla can me mixed with a variety of fruits to change the flavor.
    Shapeworks-F3 Personalized Protein Powder- Helps to thicken the shakes. It makes me feel fuller longer.
    Garden 7-90 ct tablets. I highly recommend this product. It will get your daily 7 fruits & vegetables. (Powerful Antioxidant).

    Lift Off- My husbands uses it right before a workout nearly everyday. It replaces those energy drinks that he would purchase for $2.50 a the local market.

    Shapeworks Total Control- My husband uses it. He found it to increase his energy and helps with his weight loss. I ‘m unable use it because it increases my blood pressure. It does not have ephedra in it.

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