Niteworks Powder Mix Reviews

Niteworks is a lemon-flavor mix that helps with Nitric Oxide production at night (when levels are lowest) and supports energy, circulatory and vascular health. Developed with Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Lou Ignarro, Niteworks® helps your body produce Nitric Oxide (NO), for improved circulatory, immune and nervous system functions.*† L-arginine and l-citrulline trigger cells to produce and recycle more NO. Comes in Kosher and Original formulas.

Niteworks Powder Mix enhances blood flow to the heart, keeps blood vessels toned and flexible, and supports healthy blood pressure levels.

Have you taken Niteworks? Share your honest review.

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  • Edward Millar

    I use it, it must be working, i had lots of problems before. Also this guy is a Nobel Price winner. you cant argue with that.

  • I also know the nightworks is great as I have my hubby using it and his blood pressure has went down tremendously!

  • I use Niteworks for the most amazing sleep ever! I mix it in cold sparkling water. If you drink before going to bed after a big night out, it is fantastic at preventing any hangover. But seriously, i love the taste, and i get amazing energy from using this product regularly.

  • Beverly gerres

    Niteworks along with other herbalife Targeted products has helped me to get off Asthma Meds. Yes during this allegy season Im not taking any Asthma Meds. Im Herbalife for Life.

  • Niteworks is amazing at reducing the swelling of veins in the lower legs. My husband has been able to come off all of his heart meds, with his doctors approval, after suffering a heart attack.

  • I love Niteworks. Before my exercise I always take 1 spoon of it mix with water.And I’m flying ,so much energy!

  • Pat Inglese

    Niteworks really works! I am 66 yrs. old with high blood pressure and did take medication until I started taking Niteworks.

  • kenan

    This is the best product on the market for helping lower blood pressure, increase energy, stamina, flexability, strength, and endurance. I don’t care what people say its worth every penny! I am an ex-athlete/personal trainer and have never gotten people results the way this product and ALL HERBALIFE products help people!

  • My husband and I both use Niteworks and he does not like to go to bed without it because he wakes up with so much more energy. It also works incredibly well to prevent soreness from exercise. I just started do alot of walking and stretching and it hurt like the devil but I was drinking niteworks in my water bottle and was amazed that I had no sore muscles at all. I also noticed an increase in my endurance level.

  • Great posting, thanks a lot!

  • Shireen Yeo

    Can Niteworks be consumed by a 6-year old child who have Tolossa-Hunt syndrome? She gets easily tired and the affected eye sometimes sees double-images and gives her headaches.

    I am hoping to find a product that improves her energy level and cures her of the syndrome.

  • Deanna Gielen

    Hey Shireen

    Send me an email I have this amazing site with children that have a variety of syndroms and it is amazing what niteworks, and other Herbalife products have done for them!!

    Feel free to message me.

  • Mac

    Having read the reviews above and other reviews on the net I have noticed that some people mention the fact that the product has helped reduce some people’s blood pressure. I don’t suffer from high blood pressure but I have recently been told that I have a slow heartrate.
    So is Niteworks suitable to someone with a “slow heartrate”?

  • Ana

    This is a great product. My mom and I been taking it on and off for more than a year: For me works so good when i run it gives me energy and resistant and for my mom it healp her with the high blood pressure to lower down.

  • Chris

    Anything messing with your blood pressure or heart rate… heck, anything dealing with weight loss/gain or your body, for Heaven’s sake, ask a professional doctor! Its recommended by Herbalife, and makes common sense to get a second opinion or more information before trying products.

  • Lily

    Is Niteworks suitable to someone with women hormone/uterus problem, such as adenomyosis?

  • Wendy

    Shireen, it won’t cure her, it will help her tho and alot. It helps give oxygen to your veins and your blood flow goes faster if you have went questions email me,

  • I do not get whether this herbalife stuff is genuine or not, still researching on it though. Someone help!!

  • Shakita Exon

    hi there thanks for your tips. I will share it. If you want you can check my blog Maybe you can get some good info.

  • Hi I have a question.
    Can Niteworks cause sweating and why

  • loren

    can I take niteworks while im currently taking BP meds… or do I need to quit taking meds and go strait to the nite works…

  • giovanni

    Hello folks. My wife and cousin started with herbalife a few months ago. No one knew about it until I noticed my wife losing weight which was strange because since our first child she gained weight and was never able to loose the extra weight. She then explained to me about what she was doing and why she did not mention it to me. She is now a Distributor in the hartford/ newington area and we are planning to open a nutrition center soon. Herbalife is for all children and adults. Thereisa variety of products out there. Give it a week and you will see and feel the diference. I lost 7 pounds in the first week. I have been doing it for a month and have lost 18 lbs. We have been distributing to our family and friends first because they are the first who see us and want to know how we are doing it. We have shake parties that we offer people who want to know about herbalife and how it can help them. There we offer samples of the different teas, shakes that we offer aside from all the wonder products that herbalife offers.

    For more information please feel free to call. Us 860913-5428 my name is giovanni. My wife is evelyn. Thank you. We are in the newington area.

  • Amazon is selling fake Herbalife Products, there is no way you can buy original products online without having a DISTRIBUTOR contact you. DO not trust these websites , you want original fresh product that actually work, and you will get the results you want. Most people who are drawn by the offered price of the product on line do not realize they are buying fake, not original Products.

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