Kindermins Reviews

Kindermins® fruit-flavored liquid multivitamin provides 11 essential vitamins infants and toddlers need every day.

Key Benefits

  • 100% of key nutrients
  • No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners!
  • Herbs and botanicals, including soothing chamomile, ginger (which aids digestion), plus rosehips and acerola–two powerful antioxidants.
  • Kids love the TASTE!

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1 comment to Kindermins Reviews

  • I am a Herbalife Supervisor & a friend bought this liquid vitamin for her 12-year old daughter whose growth is somewhat stunted and was eating almost nothing; the doctors were saying she was anorexic. After a week on the Product (her mother had to mix it with juice), the child started eating much more normally and her family was amazed. So, they would say it is definitely a keeper!

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