H3O Fitness Drink Reviews

H³0® Fitness Drink is the next generation of hydration providing 1) rapid hydration, 2) sustained energy plus 3) antioxidant protection so you feel refreshed and energized all day long! Enjoy whenever you are thirsty or anytime you are physically active.

Key Benefits

  • Quenches thirst and replaces lost fluids. Essential electrolytes support cellular re-hydration.
  • Energizing carbs for immediate and sustained energy. Powerful antioxidants protect your body from fatigue and soreness.
  • No caffeine and a healthier alternative to high-calorie/high-sugar beverages.

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2 comments to H3O Fitness Drink Reviews

  • admin

    source: http://www.viewpoints.com/Herbalife-H3O-review-3abf

    I absolutely love the new H3O. I always am miserable when mowing my lawn and this summer I started using H3O. It kept me hydrated and I didn’t get the same run down feeling I normally get from yard work!

    It comes in 2 flavors, lemonade and orangeade. The individual packets are great for on the run and the canister is perfect for home use!

    cheaper per serving than other hydrating drinks…

  • Nikki

    LOVE h30 and so do the kids! It allows your body to absorb 3x the amount of water than you would with just one glass. PERFECT for helping you drink water with an awesome taste, plus gives you the potassium and electrolytes you need as well. We love the orangeade flavor, my 3 year old daughter actually calls it her “healthy pop” and begs for it all the time! Recommend it to everyone

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