Body Contouring Crème Reviews

Gingko biloba extract and fruit acids help improve the appearance of skin firmness, texture and tone in problem areas.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize the appearance of dimpled skin
  • Improve appearance of dimpled skin after weight loss
  • Part two of a two-step body care program

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2 comments to Body Contouring Crème Reviews

  • Allyson Agee

    Before Herbalife I weighted 222lbs. As I used the products I lost 54 lbs in 3 months and started to see dimpling and sagging from the skin. I started using the Contouring creme and my skin started to tighten up, clean up and even lighten the stretch marks from having 4 kids. My girlfriend mixed the contouring creme and the scrub together placed on her stomache and thighs and wrapped herself in plastic wrap for an hour a day for two weeks and l and lost 5 inches of cellulose. I love HERBALIFE products!!!!!!

  • Is there a store nearby that would also sell the product so I didnt have to have it shupped?

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